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If you are a user of SoundCloud (or if you just sign up for a free account) you can get access to a lot of cool “special edition” apps for Music and Sound production. My favorite among these is Samplitude Silver – SoundCloud Edition. It is a very capable DAW, limited to only 8 tracks in total and with a limited set of bundled plugins.

It is intended to allow you to use Samplitude and recognize its power before committing to buying the more feature-rich version. As a version of Samplitude, it has some great and intuitive features to help your workflow. If you have a number of VST plugins already installed (or are willing to add them) you can get A LOT done with this simple version of Samplitude, and it uploads directly to SoundCloud as a bonus. I intend to use this particular software to demonstrate the instructables included on my blog and site.

Download Link: